3-Day & VIP Tickets

3-Day Pass and VIP Tickets include some great benefits which you can learn about at the link below.


Single Day Tickets

Single day tickets are good for one day and do not include any special events or activities.

Youth 3-Day Tickets

Youth tickets are only good with an adult present.

Special Event Tickets

Special events can be purchased separate from the convention (are included in all 3-day passes.

More info on events HERE!

Add on a youth sponsorship ticket to your order and give a Native youth a weekend they won't forget!

Youth Sponsorships


Last year you generously donated more than 200 3-day youth tickets!  This year we hope to support even more youth to attend the convention.  A $20 sponsorship gets a youth a 3-day pass and a special surprise from Native Realities.  Help us support Native youth and give a kiddo a weekend they won't forget!

Package Sponsorships

If you are interested in supporting more students, we have block options available.  Check out the flyer below and contact us at: to make arrangements!