IndigiCon’18 Scavenger Hunt

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Welcome to the first annual IndigiCon Scavenger Hunt!

Not everyone gets to enjoy the fun and adventures of the Indigenous Comic Con, so we are bringing some fun to you! Starting Friday, October 12, we will be running our IndigiCon Scavenger Hunt featuring great prizes and a chance to show off your Indignerdity. On this page, you can find all the details about the Hunt, including rules, starting finds, prizes, and a leaderboard.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting more clues leading to the Convention. Future clues will be more intricate and elaborate, so keep your wits about you as you follow the Indigenerd path!


You can only get points for each post or answer one time.

You MUST use both #ICC18 AND #IndigiConScavenger in your posts in order to receive full points.

You MAY use the following #IndigiCon18 #indigenerdsassemble #catchemall to gain bonus points (will be used in tie-breaks).

Please keep track of your posts so we make sure to credit you your points.

The Hunt begins on October 12th and runs through noon on November 4th. It is both a physical and digital hunt and we have rewards for both (see below). We will announce all winners at the end of the Comic Con.

Happy Hunting and Hope to See You In November!

Opening Finds (October 12 - Difficulty: EASY MODE)

  • Tweet your favorite Indigenous comic - 1pt

  • Show us your Indigenerd spirit on Facebook - 1pt

  • Tag one of our sponsor in a post - 1pt

  • Instagram a pic of you and one of our postcards on social media - 1pt

  • Tweet a pic of the 1st Australian Indigenous superhero TV show - 2pts

  • Tweet the answer: what was the first ALL Indigenous superhero team? - 2pts

  • Tweet the answer: Where was the first Indigenous Comic Con held in 2016 - 2pts

  • Instagram a pic of IndigenerdHQ (Red Planet) - 5pts

  • Instagram a pic with all four of our IndigiCon18 Posters - 7pts

  • Post a FB selfie with the Head Indigenerd (Dr. Lee Francis 4) - 10pts

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1st Prize

2019 IndigiCon VIP Pass (good for every IndigiCon event in 2019, including Prime and Denver)

Red Planet $100 Gift Card

Signed IndigiCon’18 Poster

2nd Prize

2019 Indiginerd! VIP Pass (good for one VIP Pass at one IndigiCon in 2019)

Red Planet $75 Gift Card

Signed IndigiCon’18 Poster

3rd Prize

Red Planet $50 Gift Card

Signed IndigiCon’18 Poster

Digital-Only Winner

Red Planet $50 Gift Card

Signed IndigiCon’18 Poster

Over 50 Points

Receive a full digital download pack from Native Realities