The following rules and policies are subject to change without notice.


The Indigenous Comic Con is a family friendly gathering of Indigenerds. We may have elders and most certainly will have young children and we ask you to keep it PG. (Adapted from Denver Comic Con).

  • Regardless of your gender identification, we require all attendees, exhibitors and guests to:

    • Wear sports bra-like coverage on top with leotard-type coverage on bottom. (i.e. no butt cheeks)

    • No thongs and no “plumber’s butt”

    • No bare chests, no singlets, and no Vampirella-type costumes

  • A costume must provide this level of coverage at all times, including standing, sitting, moving or posing.

  • Coverage material must be thick and sturdily constructed with the proper undergarments. (Types of coverage that are prohibited include, but are not limited to, sheer materials, very thin materials, tape, pasties, body paint, liquid latex and prosthetics).

  • Proper coverage must be held to the body by more than adhesives. (Examples of adhesives include but are not limited to tape, prosthetic glue, medical glue, theater glue, fashion glue and fashion tape). They may be used to assist in wearing the costume but cannot be the only method for keeping a costume on.

  • The illusion of nudity is still nudity. If flesh colored garments are not easily identifiable from 10 feet away as garments, they are prohibited.

  • Please wear protective footwear at all times. This means some sort of hard sole (Flip flops, shoes)

    • A unitard or stocking feet are prohibited

  • Rollerblades, roller-skates, wheelies and other shoes with wheels in them are prohibited.

  • Makeup must be properly sealed so that it does not rub off with casual contact or make a mess. Please be mindful that body paint, glitter and/or fake blood are great fun for you but the other attendees at the convention might not want it on themselves.


Stereotypical/derogatory dress:

  • Please respect the feeling and intent of this Comic Con, which is to showcase and highlight the work of Native and Indigenous people in pop culture. As such, we ask that you leave the headdresses or Pocahontas-style cosplay at home. If you choose dress as a Native character, you will need to be as specific and authentic as possible. If you have a question about your cosplay, please contact us prior to arriving and we can give you some great advice on how to approach your cosplay in a way that is in the spirit of the event. You can check online for great ideas from last year’s Indigenous Comic Con.


Military dress

  • If you intend to wear a uniform that appears realistic, distinguish that it is a costume.

  • If your costume could be mistaken for current military or law enforcement, it is prohibited.

  • Hateful symbols are prohibited.

  • Emblems of genocide are prohibited.


Prop Policy

Our first priority for our event is the welfare and safety of attendees, guests and vendors. In the last year, there have been many changes to safety and security based on issues, actions and concerns from other Comic Cons throughout the country. We strive to be in-line with our colleague conferences and, as such, continue to adapt our policies to meet the current and future safety and security concerns.  Please note this is not an all-inclusive list and the Indigenous Comic Con reserves the right to prohibit additional items not listed at our discretion.


All costume weapons must conform to state, federal, and city law.


Prohibited Items:

  • Firearms of any kind – this includes BB guns, cap guns, paintball and pellet guns and airsoft guns, even if it has been disabled or is not loaded

  • Replica firearms of any kind – this includes reproductions of guns, even if it has been disabled

  • Bladed metal or wooden weapons such as axes, daggers, hatchets, knives and swords, pocket blades, ninja stars

  • Projectile weapons of any kind, including replicas – if it can shoot something (even Nerf and water), it is not permitted

  • Explosives and chemical weapons – this includes firecrackers and pepper spray

  • Blunt weapons – wooden or metal bats, clubs, brass knuckles, mallets, martial arts weapons, whips, golf clubs, paddles

  • Drones and dirigibles

  • Selfie sticks


At the discretion of security staff onsite, the following may be permitted (all of the below items are still subject to approval onsite and we reserve the right to refuse any prop):

  • Toy guns that look to be 100% toys and cannot fire anything; cannot be possibly confused with a real weapon (the more cartoon-y the better, really)

  • Plastic and metal shields (metal shields must demonstrate no sharp edges)

  • Lightweight plastic, PVC props and lightsabers; must be clearly and visibly a prop

  • Bows that are loosely strung and incapable of shooting arrows

  • Plastic, cardboard or foam props


Additional Rules 

  • All props must be peace bonded by the Indigenous Comic Con staff. The cosplayer will be given a wristband to indicate that they have completed peace bonding. Peace bonding is mandatory. You may also be checked at any time by Indigenous Comic Con staff.

  • Do not brandish props in a threatening manner. Be aware of how security personnel may interpret your actions, in or outside of convention areas.

  • Keep props in convention areas. If you leave the con premises, please put away any prop weaponry (even if it clearly looks fake).

  • Violation of these rules could result in ejection from Indigenous Comic Con, or law enforcement notification.

  • Indigenous Comic Con cannot be responsible for damage incurred to your costume during the convention, and reserves the right to ask you to change if your outfit is not acceptable.

  • Indigenous Comic Con will not be responsible for storing or watching any part of your costume for any amount of time.

  • Indigenous Comic Con will have a Cosplay Rest and Repair room and we invite you to use that room to assist and support your time during the event.


Indigenous Comic Con staff reserves the right to alter rules or policies to ensure the spirit of the rules, protect public safety or ensure a safe and successful convention. We also reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are in violation of these rules, and we reserve the right to the last word on all costumes, even in the event that we haven’t foreseen a potential issue in these stated rules. We will have wristbands at the convention to designate that a costume has been checked and approved by ICC staff and volunteers. 


If you are unsure if your costume meets the rules, email On-site, Indigenous Comic Con staff will have the final say.