Unlocking the Indigenous Imagination

The Indigenous Comic Con is opening our call for proposals, presentations, and workshops for the 2018 Indigenous Comic Con.  Our theme this year is: Unlocking the Indigenous Imagination.  

As Native and Indigenous people, colonization has a determining effect on how we are able to imagine a positive and dynamic future.  The work of Indigenous Futurists and the creation of Native superheroes are positive steps in establishing a way that Native folks can reimagine our identities when faced with the overwhelming effects of colonization.  But there is more to discuss and more work to highlight.

In seeking proposals, we hope to address several questions: How do we unlock the Indigenous imagination?  What are examples of media that have promoted the Indigenous imagination?  What is a good working definition of the Indigenous Imagination?  How do you express the Indigenous Imagination and how do we help our communities access their imaginations that have been long suppressed by colonialism and assimilation?  Proposals are not limited to these questions but they are a great way to frame the dialogue we hope to initiate at this year’s gathering.

We are seeking workshops and presentations that can also help support classroom teachers and educators of all backgrounds.  We are also looking for presentations that can focus on youth engagement through the theme.

With your help we hope to create a framework for ongoing conversations about the concept of the Indigenous Imagination.  Everyone is welcome to submit a proposal (Non-Native and Native alike) as we hope to get a wide range of perspectives on the theme and hopefully develop a framework upon which we can build a broader discourse for educators, academics, and Indigenerds.

ICC Presentation Proposal Form